Poem: May Apple Tree

Burst into ivory finery

like fragments of cloud

for merely two weeks

before summer peaks

and petals flutter forward

coiling into dandelion fluff

tasting fresh-mown lawn

and breathing earth’s heartbeat.

Today, I’m joining in David’s weekly W3 prompt on The Skeptic’s Kaddish. Today’s prompt was suggested by A. J. Wilson, who provided these guidelines:

  • 12 lines or less;
  • must include the word ‘fragment’ or a derivative of that word.

Our apple tree seemed a good inspiration as it began its short-lived annual burst into glorious blooms this week. We have one tall apple tree that has been on our property longer than we have, and we’ve recently planted another. We also bought two peach trees to plant this weekend, so we’ll see how those grow in the future. My husband and I would love a mango tree, but we’re a little bit (okay, a lotta bit) too far north! We’re in USDA hardiness Zone 4 for planting, and mangos can’t grow north of Zone 9 tragically. I’m honestly not even sure if the peaches will make it, but we’re giving it a try. At times like these, my husband shares his dreams of all we can eat fresh mangos and year-round sustainable farming if we move to Hawai’i or the Philippines (where he grew up), and it does sound intriguing. For now, though, we’ll enjoy the apple trees!

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