Risk-taking and cancer, part 2

How do you become more boldly yourself? What goals changed for you after a trauma or life event? I think both cancer patients, in remission, and mothers, post-childbirth, find themselves in a sort of limbo where they can recreate who they are. (They are probably lots of other transition points of life where people encounterContinue reading “Risk-taking and cancer, part 2”

Release of Lattes & Loony Lights!

The second book in the Northwoods Barista Mystery series was released last month! You can order your copy here. Check out a bit about Lattes & Loony Lights below: As the height of summer tourism hits small town Wisconsin, a college student goes missing at the Paudling Light, a local haunted landmark. Jordy and SamContinue reading “Release of Lattes & Loony Lights!”