Strength in Simple Words

Last week I went in for my annual mammogram, and the technologist recognized me instantly. “How old is your little guy now?” “He’ll be two on Sunday,” I said, surprising myself by how quickly time had passed. “Already?!” She couldn’t believe it either. At my very first mammogram, she’d met my son, who had onlyContinue reading “Strength in Simple Words”

My SMART Resolutions

I tend to set my New Year’s Resolutions like my teacher SMART goals: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. It’s an acronym that, if you’re a teacher, is probably emblazoned on the back of your mind. Much like the goals I set to help my students, each one of my resolutions needs to serve aContinue reading “My SMART Resolutions”

Writing Goals from Your Unique Perspective

Can we strengthen our writing through specific goals and unique character perspectives? I hope so! I believe many of us writers are so passionate about our work because we hope to change the world in some way or inspire others through our thoughts and ideas. This video looks at my not-so-writerly life after my MAContinue reading “Writing Goals from Your Unique Perspective”

Risk-taking and cancer, part 2

How do you become more boldly yourself? What goals changed for you after a trauma or life event? I think both cancer patients, in remission, and mothers, post-childbirth, find themselves in a sort of limbo where they can recreate who they are. (They are probably lots of other transition points of life where people encounterContinue reading “Risk-taking and cancer, part 2”

Saving My Community

I actually meant to post this last week; time got away from me, but I wanted to honor an acquaintance that I wish I had the chance to get to know better. I share a bit about her in this video, and I want to share the link to her blog here, too, because, asContinue reading “Saving My Community”